“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, Chief Executive Officer, We Care Group

Our fully trained Chefs and their teams use only the very best locally sourced ingredients to prepare our residents meals. We create seasonal menus to provide choice and diversity for our meals and those who enjoy them. We strive to make mealtimes an occasion for our residents, enabling them to enjoy their food in welcoming surroundings, catered for by our care teams. Residents always have a choice of options to choose from at all meal times and can opt for something different if they change their mind when the food arrives.

Our Routine:

We make sure our residents start the day right with a filling breakfast, with a choice of cereal, fresh fruit, toast and porridge plus a choice of hot options.

Mid-morning tea service is followed by lunch (the main meal of the day in many of our homes) – enabling residents to dine together in a restaurant-style environment. We provide a choice of hot meals as well as the option of soup or a sandwich for those that would prefer  something not as filling. Lunch is rounded off with delicious desserts all prepared on-site by our Chef and Kitchen staff.

And then it’s tea time with mouth-watering freshly baked cakes that our residents and team members enjoy together, making afternoon tea an activity in itself. Lighter meal options are provided in the evening and fresh fruit and snacks are available throughout the day to keep resident’s nourished, energised and satisfied.



Seasonal Menus

To reduce the footprint of our food, we have decided to create seasonal menus highlighting the fruit and vegetables available during that season. We also tailor each menu depending on the taste of our residents so we can help them enjoy their faveourite meals.

See an example of one of our Seasonal Menus: Winter Menu 2023 – Example


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