“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, We Care Group Executive Chairman

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During the past year, we have made many changes to the way we work. We learnt to adapt and overcome all challenges, whilst keeping an enjoyable lifestyle for our residents.

Now, with the well-established infection control procedures and a dedicated quality compliance team overseeing each Care and Nursing Home, we have been able to react quickly and safely manage the pandemic across all our 30 Care and Nursing homes. We were thrilled to hear the new government guidelines for Care Home visits allowing us to reunite our residents with next of kin. Yet, we need to keep in mind our residents’ health considering they are at high risk. We need to make sure we reintroduce visiting in the safest possible way. We understand you miss your relatives and you wish to hold them close.

Visiting Policy

We Care Group following government guidance from the 24th of February will allow visits without restrictions. Considering the well-being of our residents we still advise you to book your visits before arriving at any of our facilities and wear a facemask.

Key points:

  • We do not allow visitors to test themselves at home, all visitors must be tested before entering the home.
  • You do not need to wear gloves to touch your loved one, but we advise you to please wash your hand thoroughly before contact. 
  • Wear an appropriate face mask.
  • Visitors should not enter the care home if they are feeling unwell, even if they have tested negative for COVID-19 and are fully vaccinated and have received their booster.
  • Visitors are advised against visiting the care home (for 10 days) if they have been identified as close contact of someone with COVID-19, unless absolutely necessary, even if they have been fully vaccinated.


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