“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, Chief Executive Officer, We Care Group

During the past couple of years, we have made many changes to the way we work. We have learned to adapt and overcome all challenges through the recent pandemic, whilst keeping an enjoyable lifestyle for our residents. The Pandemic has certainly altered the way we manage our Homes and its Visitors. We adhere to Government Guidelines for Care Home Visitation. We are happy to to accommodate visitors to our Homes and we welcome you to visit your loved ones as often as you would like. 

All of our Homes have well established Infection Prevention Control procedure’s in place and each Home is overseen by our Care Quality Team to ensure the safety of our Residents. Our Homes will accommodate visitors as much as possible however, each home may operate preferred visiting hours or protected meal times to ensure the dignity and privacy of the residents. Our Managers would be happy to discuss our home visiting times with you and your loved ones.

Visiting Policy

We Care Group follow government guidelines for visitation within our Homes. Our number one priority is the wellbeing and comfort of our Residents. Considering the Dignity of our residents we advise you to contact the Home to enquire about preferred visiting hours or protected meal times. 

Key points:

  • Visitors will be encouraged to announce themselves to staff upon entry to the Home, visitors must sign in and out of the premises.
  • All Visiting Professionals will be asked for identification upon entry to the premises.
  • Visitors are requested to inform staff of any possessions being brought in or removed from the Home. 
  • Visitors should not enter the Care Home if they are feeling unwell. 
  • Seeing a loved one in a Care Home can be distressing, especially during the settling in period or in times of illness, decreasing capacity or frailty. If any issues or conflict arise, the Home Manager will meet with the Visitor to explain and resolve an issues. Conflict between family members/friends and staff members can be detrimental to the well being of our residents. Please be courteous and understanding while visiting loved ones.
  • Home Visitors looking to place a relative in the future will be shown around the Home and will be accompanied by a staff member at all times.


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