“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, Chief Executive Officer, We Care Group


With each resident we work hard to understand:

  • The extent they wish to meet and mix with other residents, our team and visitors.
  • The amount of support and assistance they need with personal tasks.
  • How they wish to be known and addressed.
  • How their living space is arranged
  • The toiletries, cosmetics and other personal items and clothing they need.


With each resident our home teams:

  • Understand each resident’s physical and mental capabilities and discuss with them and their relatives an individual plan of care
  • Actively encourage each resident to be as independent as possible within the boundaries of their personal capabilities.
  • Provide aids, activities and an environment which enables each resident to be as independent as they wish.
  • Monitor the condition of each resident to try to achieve a balance  between independence and taking unnecessary risks.


Our home teams are committed to:

  • Treating every resident with respect and supporting them to preserve their dignity.
  • Involving each resident and their relatives in decisions concerning care.
  • Taking account of a resident’s past life, experiences, cultural and religious needs.
  • Performing personal care with sensitivity, taking into account a resident’s wishes.
  • Encouraging residents to build a sense of ownership of their own space.


We want our residents to live rich, fun lives whilst living in our homes so our teams:

  • Actively encourage residents to make their own choices about the content of their daily life.
  • Provide residents with the information they need to make these choices.
  • Provide the environment and encouragement for residents to enjoy taking part in regular exercise.
  • Make sure residents have a choice and are involved in their personal affairs, care and lifestyle.
  • Provide a choice of safe living spaces and facilities.
  • Create safeguards to ensure that any limitations placed on a resident’s choices is justified, explained clearly, and reviewed regularly.

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