“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, Chief Executive Officer, We Care Group

Bilton Hall’s Dementia Garden wins the Starbeck in Bloom Gold Award

Davey Taverner - 21 October 2021

Starbeck in Bloom is an organisation that was created in order to promote a heightened sense of community spirit within Yorkshire. It has been around for 20 years and in 2018, Bilton Hall Nursing Home was lucky enough to win the prestigious Starbeck in Bloom Gold award in the Annual Garden Competition.

Bilton Hall does not have just any normal garden but has a dementia garden. This garden has been specifically designed for the residents of the home as a memory garden. It has become a therapeutic activity with its main purpose being to stimulate sensory sensations of those living with dementia. As we go through our lives we experience places and people which memories may be triggered by a certain sequence of images or smells.

Within this dementia garden, we have implemented features such as an old classic Morris Minor car, which was a very popular car during the younger days of our residents. We also have features such as a red telephone booth, a bus stop and the traditional Bill and Ben the flowerpot men.

We are delighted that this garden brings so much joy to our residents, their families, our staff and is recognised widely by our community.

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