“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, Chief Executive Officer, We Care Group

Energy Crisis in the UK

Nathaly Cifuentes Riano - 22 September 2022

The energy crisis is hitting every home and sector across the country, from pubs, restaurants and private properties. The high energy costs mean that many are left with no option but to close down their business. The care sector is also struggling due to rising inflation. The greatest worries among care home providers are the possibility of closing their doors and leaving their vulnerable residents in precarious situations and being forced to lay off the staff.

How will this energy crisis affect the We Care Group (WCG)?

WCG CEO Bernie Suresparan has committed to making all We Care Group facilities energy efficient and carbon neutral within the next 5 years.

Currently, the energy prices are only affecting 20% of the homes. In 2019, Bernie strategically negotiated long-term fixed energy prices with our suppliers, only a few of the new acquisitions do not have long-term contracts and will be affected by the raising prices.

However, Bernie is leading a new sustainable incentive, installing solar panels in two of our homes situated in Hull. The idea is to eventually expand this initiative to many more homes, currently, we are installing solar panels in a home in Rotherham. Solar panels represent a great investment as they generate clean and affordable energy.

Commenting on the new initiative, Bernie said “we know we cannot bypass the energy prices anymore. This is the opportunity to position ourselves as an energy-efficient operator and find ways to innovate and become more carbon neutral overall”.

His objective is to reduce the energy cost in the long term, and all surplus money will be injected back into our homes, residents and the substantial bonus to our teams.

This new program is only the first step, but also shows that WCG is fully committed to clean sources of energy for the Group. Moving to clean sources of energy will not only help tackle climate change but also reduce energy costs and better support residents and staff.

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