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Twins in Hull reunited after lockdown – Viral News

Nathaly Cifuentes Riano - 1 November 2021

Initially, Patrick Speed and Minnis Walsh were shielding in their own family homes for over a year until Minnie moved into Saltshouse Haven care home in Hull on March 2021. Later on, Patrick moved into the same care home in June 2021. Thanks to our carers and activities coordinators, we were able to notice these two lovely individuals were siblings. Not any type of sibling, they were indeed twins!

After the home took all the precautions finally the twins were able to finally meet again. The home decided to consult with the family and suggested moving them into the same units so the inseparable twins could be together and enjoy each other company.


Liza Beukes

Liza Beukes - Managing director

“Minnie and Patrick’s reunion was a very emotional moment that has left all those watching with tears in their eyes.”

We were featured in the following national and local newspapers:

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