“If it’s not good enough for my mother, it’s not good enough for anyone.” Bernie Suresparan, We Care Group Executive Chairman

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About Daleside

At Daleside Nursing Home you can be assured of excellent standards of care and high-quality facilities in a beautiful tranquil setting.

Daleside Nursing Home is a nursing home that prides itself on caring for the elderly. We aim to provide all necessary care and attention for those who wish to spend their retirement in a secure and caring atmosphere. We strive to preserve and maintain dignity, individuality and privacy while being sensitive to the ever-changing needs of everyone. We currently facilitate the Rapid Community care service commissioned by the Wirral care commissioning group; we provide 22 transfers to assess placements for service users who require a short placement of assessment (3 weeks) to access occupational and physiotherapy. We collaboratively work with these services using a multidisciplinary approach to assess and plan a safe discharge to an appropriate discharge destination.

Welcome to Daleside

Christine Taverner | Registered Manager

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Types of Care

Nursing care is offered to residents who need 24-hour around the clock care. This will be set out in a residents’ individual care plan and includes the monitoring and assessment of potential clinical problems such as: pressure area management; nutritional balance; fluid balance; administration and management of drugs and pain management.

Residential care is long-term care provided to adults who are staying in a residential setting rather than in their own home. Our homes provide accommodation, meals, daily activities and personal care such as washing and eating. Each of our residential care homes is unique, designed to make the most of the home environment and its surroundings and with a focus on making sure that residents lead a happy, fulfilling and healthy life whilst in our care, in a home they feel safe and secure in. We want our homes to be their homes.

Palliative care is provided predominantly in our nursing homes and is focused on managing pain and making your loved one as comfortable as possible, ensuring they receive the care they want, where and how they want it, in their final moments.

Our caring and empathetic teams provide highly sensitive and compassionate end-of-life care within our nursing homes, working with your loved one and their family, as well as their GP and other health professionals, to plan their care.

We Care Group provides dementia care in both a residential and nursing setting. Each of our homes that support people living with dementia is uniquely designed to make residents feel comfortable in their homes. Corridors are filled with photos and murals to evoke fond memories from the past as well as memorabilia to encourage stimulation. Colours are used throughout the home to create positive associations and trigger the right response to a situation and the food and menus are designed to cater specifically for residents with dementia. Several of our homes even have a dementia garden creating a sensory experience in a beautiful setting.
Specialist teams are on hand day and night to provide emotional and practical support to our residents, making sure they feel completely at home in their environment. Each resident’s personalised care plan is designed to support them in living with dementia in a positive way and in addition to any medical requirements, covers everything from mealtimes, hobbies and habits to activities that will stimulate their senses and engage them in a way that is fulfilling whilst at all times respecting a resident’s privacy and independence.

Bariatric care is provided in both a residential and nursing setting depending on a resident’s needs. Our teams are trained to support bariatric residents with their mobility, provide the right type of care to meet individual needs (including for example, keeping wounds clean), as well as supporting bariatric residents with their daily tasks. Our chef teams make sure dietary requirements and plans are followed whilst also being considerate to any preferences our bariatric residents may have.


  • Wi-fi available
  • En-suite rooms
  • Step-free access
  • Hairdressing
  • Activity classes
  • Conservatory
  • Day trips
  • Exercise classes
  • Flexible mealtimes
  • Laundry
  • Interactive Table
  • Night bite menu
  • Private dining
  • Relatives meal with residents
  • Special dietary requirements
  • TV lounge
  • Wheelchair access
  • Walk-in shower
  • Single Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • Single en-suite Rooms


Activities & Services


Food & Diet


Medical Care


Daleside Nursing Home is part of a group that runs successful Care Homes & Nursing Homes. The Home is registered and inspected by Care Quality Commission to provide Residential and Dementia care for both males and females as follows:

  • Physical disability – 43 places
  • Caring for adults over 65 years – 43 places
  • Caring for adults under 65 years – 43 places
  • People living with dementia – 43 places
  • People who require nursing or personal care – 43 places
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury – 43 places
  • Rapid Community Service – 22 places

The maximum number of Residents allowed at any one time is 43.

The Home intends:

  • To meet the needs of Residents who require the security of having staff available 24 hours per day.
  • To help maintain independence as far as possible while providing personal care and attention to those whose needs require such assistance.
  • To provide a warm, friendly and homely atmosphere with necessary rules and regulations being kept to a minimum.
  • We want our Residents to enjoy a good quality of life as well as good care.
  • Our staff are trained to preserve and main the dignity, individuality and privacy of all Residents within a warm and caring atmosphere. In addition to three main meals per day, drinks and snacks are available at all times.
  • We provide refreshments free of charge to the relatives and friends of our Residents while they visit our facilities. If relatives and friends want to join us for a meal, it will have a small cost. In case of special occasions like birthdays and celebrations, we are more than happy to organise private functions.
  • We do a monthly activity calendar that informs the families and friends about what is happening on any given day, so they can join in. Our activities are targeted to individual needs and preferences.
  • The home aims to provide a service for younger, older adults and elders living with dementia, to help them understand all aspects of care they are being given. To offer privacy and dignity, for themselves and their belongings, to have their culture, religious and sexual needs respected.
  • We encourage our Residents to be as independent as possible and to have the freedom of movement and mobility, at their own pace. To be treated as an individual.

All staff will have specific training and development to provide appropriate care for our Residents including those with dementia enabling our staff to provide care to individuals with a person-centred approach.

The home is conveniently located close to shops and benefits from good public transport links.

The home comprises 29 single rooms and seven shared rooms. Residents are invited to personalise their bedrooms by bringing their ornaments, pictures and any other objects of personal significance into the home. Furniture can be brought in by prior arrangement.

All the rooms have handwashing facilities, and there are ample toilet facilities and bathing areas within proximity to all Residents. For those Residents who need help in bathing, we have bathrooms that are easily accessible for staff and Residents.

Specialist equipment, including hoists, grab rails, and aids, has all been provided to maximise our residents’ independence. Doorways that require wheelchair access all have the width of opening needed.
All hot water taps have temperature control and are checked weekly to ensure the right temperature for the comfort and convenience of our Residents.

The home has a garden that allows residents to enjoy the sun when the weather permits.

Our chef teams use great ingredients to provide freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals based on regularly changing, seasonal menus. We make mealtimes an occasion for our residents, enabling them to enjoy their food in welcoming surroundings and catered for by our care teams. Residents always have multiple options to choose from at all meal times and can opt for something different if they change their minds when the food arrives.

We make sure our residents start the day right with a filling breakfast including cereals, fruit, toast and porridge, plus a daily changing choice of hot options. Our Residents are welcome to have breakfast any time they desire, and we are happy to accommodate their morning schedule. Between Breakfast and Lunch, we offer mid-morning cake and coffee.

Here lunch is the main meal of the day – enabling residents to dine together in a restaurant-style environment and providing a choice of hot meals and the option of soup or a sandwich for those that don’t want something quite as filling. Lunch is finished with delicious desserts, all prepared on-site by our chef teams.

And then, between lunch and supper, it’s mid-afternoon tea time with mouth-watering freshly baked cakes that our residents and team members enjoy together, making afternoon tea an activity in itself. After supper, during the night, lighter meal options are provided in the evening, and fresh fruit and snacks are available throughout the day to keep resident’s nourished, energised and satisfied.

Our Team

Daleside has 62 members of staff: 41 of whom are directly involved with providing care for our residents. Between them they have over 100 years of care experience. All our Senior Carers hold an NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care and of our 29 care staff more than 50% of staff hold an NVQ Level 2 and others are working towards it.

Our Management

Christine Taverner is the Home Manager, She has been with us for several years as an admin and in April 2022 was promoted as Home Manager. Christine(Chris) is very experienced in care homes management and is committed to providing a high–quality service. She is ultimately responsible for the effective and professional running of the care home but will allocate time to discuss any aspect of our Residents’ care or any problems they may be experiencing. Chris is keen to work closely and in partnership with our Residents, their relatives and significant others to benefit the Residents in her care. She is a dynamic team leader and has an ongoing interest in professional development and career progression.

Senior Carers and Carers tend to the care of residents.


Support Team

The Admin and Head Office team are responsible for dealing with fees and clients personal allowance, suppliers’ invoices and payroll.

Domestic and Maintenance staff ensure the home is a safe and clean environment at all times, following the regulations set by COSHH, HSE and IPC.

Our cooks work on alternate days preparing and providing meals to our residents 3 times a day to meet each individual’s dietary need.

Daleside invests in a wide range of training for all our staff members, not only do we complete the mandatory training, but we also complete additional training courses such as Catheter Care, Challenging Behaviour, Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool, Dysphasia, Common Health Problems, End of Life Care and much more. All our staff re-train every year in dementia to keep our knowledge up to date to ensure we provide the best care.

Therapeutic activities are available for all our residents including those living with dementia; these include the normal recreational events. Activities are planned and actioned through our Activities Co-ordinator; a 4 weekly plan is available.

Weekly Charges per Person

Self-Funded Nursing Care from £750 – £1200 (excluding FNC for nursing residents)

(These prices are only a guideline, please contact Daleside Nursing Home to find out the exact price for your requirements.)

For information about local authority financial support available, please check the care cost calculator

Here at Daleside, we have a dedicated activities coordinator responsible for creating a monthly activities calendar. We Care Group provides the activities coordinators with all the tools necessary to enhance the well-being of our Residents. We are NAPA (National Activities Provider Association) members, which means each month, we receive a variety of activities and ideas; our activities coordinators can also get trained and develop their skills as well-being coordinators.

As we have residents with dementia, it is crucial to have daily activities that help keep their minds sharp. We focus on the sensory stimulation for our residents, which means we have activities that stimulate their senses (taste, smell, vision, hearing and touch)

Besides the wide range of sensory stimulation and activities, each Home has a 40 inches interactive table. In the past year, WCG invested in getting a Sharp Interactive table to each Home to aid the activities coordinators to provide a more person-centred and one-on-one session to low mobility Residents or Residents who prefer not to socialise.

In Daleside, we believe in helping enrich the lives of people with dementia to ensure they are happy and fulfilled.

What are the interactive tables?

We Care Group believe in the importance of technology for the betterment of life, and that is why we invested in the Interactive Tables in the past year. The interactive table is a 40 inches, scratch resistance, durable pad with an integrated Android operating system. It has up to 10 touchpoints, which means two residents and one carer simultaneously can use it.

Research on the neuropathology of dementia and the science of play establishes that people in the later stages of dementia can still experience three primary outcomes of the game: 

  • Sensation 
  • Relaxation  
  • Reminiscence 

All three outcomes can be achieved through residents interaction with the table and the carer guidance.

As the interactive digital tables have an android operating system, our activities coordinators and home managers can download multiple applications. From brain training, memory to puzzle apps. 

The table can be utilised in several different ways as follows:

  • Dementia and Brain training apps and games
  • Collaborative games (multi-user)
  • Listening to music
  • Keep fit lessons, sing along & quizzes
  • Watching films and documentaries
  • Viewing the internet
  • Skype calling
  • Staff training
  • Memory learning
  • Cognitive improvement
  • Aid sensory impairment
  • Working as a group
  • Encourage general rehabilitation
  • Adding a video camera to talk remotely to residents family and friends

 This technology adds to our well-being, and the activities mix helps us keep our Residents sharp, happy and entertained. 

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